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No Right, No Wrong

Many people are hesitant to engage with art – afraid that they lack some important knowledge, or a fact about the context behind a piece. In their minds, it's too easy to get things wrong.

And that’s simply a shame. Art should be about how a work resonates with you, the viewer, and only you. There’s no right or wrong.

I have always held a firm belief in the subjective nature of art. It is not a realm where notions of 'right' or 'wrong' should hold dominion. Instead, art, in its purest form, is a conduit for personal experience, a translator of unique emotional responses. It is a mirror reflecting our internal world, offering us a canvas upon which to project our feelings and thoughts.

When you come across a piece of art, remember that it is about your engagement with it, not an exercise in unearthing the artist's intent. Art can indeed be complex, layered with different techniques, styles, and symbols, but it shouldn't be intimidating. At its heart, art is simple and pure. It's about you, the viewer, and the feelings and thoughts that emerge as you interact with it.

Removing The Artist From The Equation

The traditional discourse around art often places significant emphasis on the artist's intentions, the hidden meanings they weave into their work. While this perspective can be valuable, I want to challenge this perception. To me, art is not about the mind of the artist but about the viewer's personal experiences and interpretations.

I advocate for an art experience where the artist's thoughts or intentions are not the focal point, where we remove the artist from the equation. The viewer becomes the heart of the experience, their responses dictating the conversation. The canvas is your space, free from the influence of my thoughts and ideas, open for your interpretation.

The Stamp

As a tangible expression of this philosophy, I place a wooden stamp on the back of each of my paintings. The stamp carries the inscription, "Bei diesem Bild habe ich mir nichts gedacht" - translated, "Painting this picture, I had nothing in mind." This is not a whimsical addition but a deliberate statement that reinforces the concept of art without the artist's specific intent or message.

I wish for the stamp to provoke thought and conversation about the nature of art, the creation process, and our relationship with it. This stamp symbolizes a departure from the traditional art paradigm. It conveys the message that the canvas was filled without preconceived ideas or rigid frameworks, thereby giving you, the viewer, the freedom to discover your own interpretation.

A colorful abstract image.

The Notary

To further underscore my commitment to this artistic philosophy, every piece of my work is accompanied by a document with a notarially confirmed signature.

The document with the notary’s seal is more than just a stamp of authenticity; it symbolizes a departure from the traditional notions of art. By certifying that I, as the artist, had no preconceived ideas or intentions during the creation process, I put the entire power to correctly interpret my work into the viewer's hands.

I hope that this addition encourages viewers to interact with my work on a deeply personal level, unencumbered by any prescribed meaning or interpretation.

A colorful abstract image.

A New Way to See Art

My ultimate goal is to invite you to a new perception of art, to transform it into a tool for self-understanding and reflection. Through my art, I wish to create a space where you are free to explore your own emotions, a safe haven where judgement and preconceptions have no place.

Imagine my paintings as mirrors. They are not intended to show a replication of my mind but to reflect your emotional responses. Each brush stroke, each color, and each texture, exist only to trigger an emotional response within you. This, to me, is the true essence of art. It's not about the artist's thoughts or intentions, but about what you, the viewer, feel and experience. Art is a medium for you to encounter yourself, to dive deep within your mind, and to connect with your emotions.

Engage with my art. Let it speak to you, let it resonate with your emotions. Use it as a springboard for self-reflection and a platform for personal exploration. Find your own meanings, your own narratives, and your own truths in it. Welcome to a new way of seeing art.